Sale and service of metalworking and bending machines


Our company was estabilished in 2003 as a legal entity. A stable company with years of experience. We store our machines in rented area of cca 700 meters with a 20-ton crane. For manipulation we also use a VZV LINDE H 50D and E20. We dispose all the technics for assembling and disassembling. We also gradually equipe our issuing office where we offer variety of tools and ganges. We cooperate with many czech and foreign companies in our field.

Our motto is:

„Take care of your production and let us take care of the machines.“

Basic Information

Our company can provide:

– Expertize of technical condition of a machine – Possibility of leasing
– Possibility of immediate repurchase – Disassembling and assembling
– Immediate offer of your machines to our customers – Buyout of a whole business or a concern
– We provide loading, shipping and transport of machines – Delivery of tools and ganges

In case of interest dont hesitate to contact us